About Roome & Guarracino LLC
To implement our philosophy of exceptional service and providing timely delivery of optimal design solutions, we apply our extensive experience, a practical approach, innovative techniques, and the latest computer software.  By starting with early project involvement, working closely with the client, and ensuring partner participation on every project, we produce economical designs with highly detailed and coordinated Construction Documents.

Since its founding, Roome & Guarracino LLC has successfully completed numerous building projects for various uses, including new construction, additions, and renovations and restorations of existing structures.  The firm also performs structural investigations and assessments of existing structures, forensic engineering, emergency response to building failures such as roof collapses and fires, peer reviews, structural consultations for facilities management and insurance related purposes.


Reginald Roome II, P.E.

Title/Position    Partner
Education          A.A.S. Civil Technology, 1976
                          University of New Hampshire-Durham, N.H.
                          B.S. Civil Engineering, 1978
                          Worcester Polytechnic Inst.-Worcester, MA
                          M.S. Civil Engineering, 1981
                          Worcester Polytechnic Inst.-Worcester, MA
Registration       Professional Engineer (Structural): New Hampshire, Massachusetts,Vermont, Connecticut,
                          Maine and Pennsylvania
Professional       Mr. Roome co-founded ROOME & GUARRACINO, LLC-Consulting Structural Engineers
Experience         in Early 2005.  He has over 35 years of experience in the design and management of
                          engineering projects.  Over the years he has been responsible for the structural design of
                          numerous projects, from the very small to projects with construction budgets in the hundreds
                          of millions of dollars.  In addition to, overseeing the structural design and monitoring
                          of the construction process, Mr. Roome is responsible for client communications and
                          coordination. Prior to founding ROOME & GUARRACINO, LLC, he spent almost 24 years
                          with one of the premier structural engineering consulting firms in the country,
                          LeMessurier Consultants Inc., starting as a staff engineer in 1981 and working his way  up to                           Associate in 1994 and then Vice President and Partner in 1999.  Before joining                           LeMessurier Consultants, he worked for Bechtel Power Co. and was a Graduate Teaching
                          Assistant in structural design at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has extensive experience
                          in structural steel, concrete, timber, and masonry structures, as well as, renovations and
                          structural investigations. With over 38 years of experience in the design and management of
                          engineering projects, Mr. Roome is presently Principal and Partner of ROOME &
                          GUARRACINO, LLC.  

Carmine Guarracino, P.E

Title/Position    Partner
Education          Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 1992
                          University of Massachusetts at Lowell – Lowell, MA.
                          Master of Engineering (Civil), Major: Structural, 1993
                          Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
Registration       Professional Engineer (Structural): Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey
Professional       Mr. Guarracino co-founded ROOME & GUARRACINO, LLC-Consulting Structural
Experience         Engineers in Early 2005.  Upon receiving his Masters Degree from Cornell University, Mr.
                          Guarracino immediately began his career at one of the leading structural engineering
                          consulting firms, Leslie E. Robertson Associates (LERA) in New York City, where he worked
                          as a field structural engineer at the World Trade Center for the post explosion recovery
                          effort.  After almost two years of service at LERA, which included work on several high
                          profile domestic and international projects, Mr. Guarracino joined Zaldastani Associates, Inc.
                          in Boston, Massachusetts, where he gained extensive knowledge and experience in
                          building design, including renovations.  In 1996, Mr. Guarracino joined
                          LeMessurier Consultants, where he gained valuable experience in engineering design and
                          project management on many diverse and complex projects, including the Boston Convention
                          and Exhibition Center project where he was lead project engineer for the superstructure
                          framing.  After 8 years of service at LeMessurier Consultants, Mr. Guarracino left to pursue a
                          career in his own practice and founded CG Design Group.  As principal of CG Design Group,
                          Mr. Guarracino performed a wide variety of structural engineering services, including
                          structural condition surveys of existing structures and renovation and restorations of historic
                          structures.  With over 12 years of experience in the design and management of engineering                           projects, Mr. Guarracino is presently Principal and Partner of ROOME & GUARRACINO,